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Piazza Azuni

At the heart of the city, hub of the main outputs to the most common destinations, quick access to Viale Marconi towards Cagliari, Via Sassari Brigade Quarryville direction and Selangor, Columbus Avenue to other destinations in the city.

Viale Colombo

Position to the south of the city, among the most important streets and rich points of interest shopping, quick access to the Waterfront Poetto, and other destinations in and around the city. Viable alternative to reach Cagliari passing along the sea in the gulf.

Piazza Danimarca

Peripheral location of the center of the city, in the district of Pitz'e Serra, near the insertion on the S.S. 554 to go to destinations like Airport, Citadel University Opsedaliera or to reach Cagliari north. Quick access directions to tourist attractions such as Villasimius.

 Quick and Safe

Ready to reach you where you are, putting at your disposal the first free taxi and closer to your location, to ensure you get to your destination thanks to the expert guidance of our operators.

 Load baggage

Our courtesy available to help small tasks in loading baggage in accordance with the possibility of the driver, happy to make ourselves useful to your destination.


Rely on us to save you time and money during your business trips or destinations that make it difficult to handle your vehicle in city traffic.

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